Growing in faith together

We are forming one or more small groups to socialize, pray and grow in faith together. We will meet on Sundays after Mass, in the bell tower, for about an hour. At each meeting, we will be playing an engaging video and then discuss them as a group. The videos are from the Sycamore series and will help us explore various aspects of our Catholic faith. Everyone is welcome! Join us when you can. The themes and schedule for our first 5 meetings are:

THE EXISTENCE OF GOD: Why bother thinking about religion? Five reasons not to believe in God. But what are the arguments for the existence of God? December 11, 2022


A GOD WHO SPEAKS? The hiddenness of God. When God broke the silence. Discovering the face of God. Dec. 18, 2022


WHO IS JESUS? He came to bring life to the world. The Saving Death of Jesus. The light of the Resurrection. Jan 15, 2023


THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE CHURCH: How the Holy Spirit can change your life. No one gets into heaven alone. Why we need signs, symbols and sacraments. Jan 22, 2023


THE BIBLE: What is the bible? Can we trust the bible? How the bible can change your life. Jan 29, 2023