Responsorial Psalm: “The Lord will bless his people with peace”

Your continued support towards The Depot Community Food Center is always greatly appreciated. A list of food items is posted on bulletin board.

400th Anniversary- St Marguerite Bourgeois

There will be Mass January 12th for the 400th anniversary Marguerite Bourgeois at Bonsecours chapel at 10:30 am. Tickets are required for the celebration by Bishop Lépine. Send your request for tickets to Carole Golding, 514-282-8670 poste 245,

Collection envelopes

Your envelopes for the offerings for the year 2020 are ready at the back of the church.


Missals are available at the back of the church. For those who want to purchase, they are sold at cost for 5.00$.

January 12 th – 19th , 2020

Sunday, January 12th  

Baptism of the Lord

9:30 am In memory of Laurette Sirois Luci Filiatro & family

Thursday, January 16th

9:00 am In memory of Laurette Sirois Luci Filiatro & family 

Friday, January 17 th

Saint Athony, Abbot

9:00 am  In memory of Claude Gagné France Migneault

Sunday, January 19 th  

Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

9:30 am 40 Day Memorial of Blondina Hyacinth Lorreena


Let us pray for those in need of our prayers

Those in need of our prayers: Cameron McKechnie, Diane Delli Colli, Jane Roach, Laureen Bureau, Paul Sheehy and Pat Coleman, Martha Coleman Caluori,

Jade Hickey, Robert Fournier and Laurel Pierre, Delia Doyle, Trees Gan. Pray also for their caregivers and for all those that you hold in your hearts.

In support of our Parish the offerings for Sundays, for January 1 st were 420.05$, and January 5th were 540.20$. Thank you for your generosity!