Third Sunday of Advent

Responsorial Psalm December 17th - “My soul shall exult in my God”

December 24th - “Forever I will sing of your steadfast love, O Lord”

December 31st - “The Lord is our God, mindful of his covenant forever”

Special Welcome

This Gaudate and third Sunday of Advent 2017, we are most happy to express a warm welcome to all friends of our parishioners and visitors who are here today (December 17) to discover our parish and to encourage us. Come back any time to inspire us.


Social Events in Our Parish

You are welcome to our social events such as Christmas Carolling, Corn roast, Food drive for NDG depot, Bowling, Craft fair, End of month birthday Snack, and Brunch sponsored by the youth.


Groups and Committees

You are invited to join any of our parish groups such as the Choir, Social Justice Committee, Hospitality, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and Refugee Committee.


Events for Youth and Children

You can encourage the youth and children of your family or friends to join the Youth Choir, Children Sunday Group, and Children Liturgy.


Special Faith Programs

There are parish programs to enable your children or friends’ children to receive Confirmation, First Communion, and First Reconciliation.


In support of our Parish the offerings for last Sunday, December 10th were -- 815.50$. Thank you for your continued support!

Christmas Mass Schedule

December 17th 2017 – January 1st 2018

Sunday, December 17th
Third Sunday of Advent
In memory of John Legros -- John & Virginia Donovan

Thursday, December 21s
          9:00 In memory of Cecile Lamarre -- Peter & Micheline Nols

Friday, December 22nd
          9:00 For the parishioners of St. Augustine of Canterbury

Sunday, December 24th                                 
Fourth Sunday of Advent   
           9:30 am
In memory of Mary McGhee John & Virginia Donovan

         Sunday, December 24th                                 
Christmas Eve Mass 
             9:30 pm
Deceased member of the Ponzer family -- James Bouchard

Monday, December 25th
The Nativity of the Lord                                                
9:30 In memory of Maud Coleman -- Ken & Mary Meehan

Thursday, December 28th
9:00 NO MASS

Friday, December 29th
          9:00 NO MASS

Sunday, December 31st
9:30 In memory of Maud Coleman -- Ken & Mary Meehan

Monday, January 1st  
          Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God
         9:30 am In memory of Mary McGhee -- Elizabeth & Barry Butt