COMMUNIQUÉ No. 10 — May 25, 2020



For Pastors, Pastoral Teams and Religious Communities


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Here is the latest information on developments regarding our liturgical and pastoral life,

in preparation for the reopening of our places of worship.

1.    “Déconfinement” in relation to liturgical and pastoral services


Following the request issued in Communiqué No. 9 on May 12, many of you sent

suggestions to the working group established for “déconfinement,” led by Fr. Jean-

Chrysostome Zoloshi. Thank you for your invaluable collaboration.

We would like to reiterate that we remain mindful of and sensitive to the legitimate

desires, expressed by many, to reopen our places of worship, to return to sacramental

practice, and to resume community celebrations, while heeding the call to act prudently,

with concern for the common good, in a spirit of pastoral charity, which must always

guide our actions especially in the stages to come.

It is important to recognize that our usual way of celebrating the Eucharist and the

sacraments is conducive to the spread of the virus. As a result, we must identify best

practices to protect the most vulnerable, while providing access to the sacraments in a


manner that respects public-health measures.

The working group, led by Fr. Jean-Chrysostome, has taken all of your proposals into

consideration, together with those outlined in various documents developed in different

parts of world. A comprehensive report was submitted to the administration of the

Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops (AECQ). Very soon, we expect to receive

approval from the Public Health Department regarding the AECQ “déconfinement”

protocol for Catholic dioceses in Quebec.

In addition to all that has been accomplished by the working group, Fr. Zoloshi will

now head an implementation committee to co-ordinate all efforts. Please pray for this

committee, which comprises public-health experts, members of pastoral teams and

pastors. The situation and inherent challenges before us are complex and require proper

reflection and discernment.

For the time being, pending the forthcoming publication of the next set of AECQ

guidelines, the directives for the celebration of the sacraments in times of a public-

health emergency, issued March 24, 2020, remain in effect. 

In preparation for “déconfinement”

By now, we know that the “déconfinement” of our ecclesial life will be gradual,

implemented in phases. By the beginning of June, the Archbishop will provide a set of

new diocesan directives, which will include a Practical Guide. These two documents

are designed to help you implement the “déconfinement” plan at the local level.

We want as many Christian communities as possible to be well-prepared in advance so

that, when the time comes, they will be authorized by the Archbishop to open their

doors, implementing, gradually and in accordance with public-health norms, the

directives related to each phase of liturgical and pastoral “déconfinement.” To this end,

we ask that you undertake the following, as of now:

•    Set up a local “déconfinement” team to organize and implement “déconfinement”

within your pastoral setting  (i.e. parish, mission, community, etc.); the diocesan

committee remains available for consultation, as needed.

•    Identify those volunteers among the team deemed "non-vulnerable," so they may be

assigned to prepare the place of worship and the pastoral activities. Training should be

provided to all those who will be performing these tasks;

•   Initiate plans to procure the necessary equipment* required for:

demarcation of accessible and non-accessible spaces,

signage and instructions directing physical movement/circulation, to be observed by all,

disinfection of the premises, etc

  * To this end, the Archdiocese is currently approaching suppliers in an effort to offer

each parish fabrique or Church institution the required supplies at a special price. More


details will follow.


2.    Additional reminders

a)    Immigration documents :

Despite the containment measures, all those in ministry holding a temporary-resident

permit for Canada are responsible for renewing their immigration documents if they

expire. The documents that must remain up to date are the Visitor Record or Work

Permit and the Quebec Health Insurance Card. The email address to which they can

send applications is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

b)    Daily Rosary:

Archbishop Lépine is pleased to continue the daily recitation of the Rosary during the

month of June, at 7 p.m. from Mary Queen of the World Cathedral (broadcast live on

the diocesan YouTube channel and Facebook page).  If there are deceased persons

whom you wish be remembered in prayer, submit your intention online at: Do not hesitate to

share this information through your communication networks.

c)    Webinar: May 27 and 28

The Department of Administrative Services to Fabriques is organizing a webinar

entitled "For Better Management of our Fabriques during the Pandemic and After," to

be held on May 27 in French and on May 28 in English. The invitation is extended to

pastors and their assistants, administrators, wardens, secretaries,

bookkeepers/accountants and other parish personnel. Don't forget to register online at:


Keeping all of you in prayer, I thank you for your continued involvement and hope that

this information will prepare you to enter the next phase of ecclesial “déconfinement.”

In the Risen Jesus,


+ Alain Faubert, VG

Auxiliary Bishop of Montréal