Happy Easter 2020!



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All parishioners of St. Augustine of Canterbury 

During this unprecedented time of crisis of the COVID-19, we are still waiting to gather

as a community of St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish. For now, Happy Easter 2020!

The temporary preventive measures of staying healthy and safe: (physical social

distancing, two-metre distance, self-isolation, confinement, and personal hygiene

procedures) have kept us remote from each other. But Easter 2020 reminds us that just as

Christ is risen we, too, will rise safe and sound from the worldwide pandemic.

The Catechists and parents had catechism through Virtual internet space with the help of

François. Our Parish priest has been celebrating private Mass each Thursday, Friday and

Sunday for two intentions: 1. For an intention requested by a parishioner; 2. Whenever

there is no requested intention, the Mass is celebrated for the safety and good health of

each member of our parish. The Wardens have been communicating via email and

through virtual space. The Parish Pastoral Council is planning to host a meeting through

skype or ZOOM internet platform. Many members of the parish are reaching out to each

other through phone calls and emails. Our St. Augustine Parish website administrator has

been posting weekly messages on our website to encourage us and to keep in touch with

us. Noëlla had organized a remote rosary group throughout Lent 2020. Bravo! As we

celebrate Easter 2020, let us pray thus:


Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

From all sickness, O Lord, deliver us.

From contamination of the coronavirus, O Lord, deliver us.

From loneliness, O Lord, deliver us.

From anxiety, O Lord, deliver us.

From stress, O Lord, deliver us.

From disaster, O Lord, deliver us.

From all evil, O Lord, deliver us. Amen.

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay in the faith! And stay in St. Augustine of Parish.

Christ is risen, Alleluia !

Fr. Paul, Easter Sunday 2020.

All will go well! Ça va bien aller ! [We will survive by the grace of God !]