Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish,


Welcome back to your Parish Sunday July 12 th at 9:30AM! The building misses you. The parish

administration misses you. And your Priest misses you.


***Facial Mask and Protocol Before Mass***

Please bring along your own facial mask before you arrive at the church July 12 th 2020 to celebrate

Sunday Mass at 9:30AM.

Maintain two-metre physical distance from others.



Greeters will welcome you at the doors of the church to guide you before you enter the church.

Sanitizers are placed at the back of the church so that each person can sanitize his/her hands.



Ushers will guide you to the pews that are available. The pews will be assigned starting from those

nearer the altar on both middle pews. This procedure will continue towards the pews at the back of the




We encourage you to give your collections or donations via the online link that you will find on our

website. You give also give collections or donations by using a cheque to reduce counting money.

You may also give a collection at the end of Mass at the back of the church on Sunday.


***Space and Item Restrictions***

Due to the amount of cleaning and disinfection after Mass, some spaces will not be available: toilet,

chapel, altar area, confessional, piano area, Bell Tower area, and parish office area.

For the safety all, the following will not be available: church bulletin, Sunday Missal, bulletin board,

hymn books and handouts.


Note also that there will not Children Liturgy, no choir, no Confession before Mass, and no gathering for

conversation before or after Mass.


***Lector and Cantor***

A lector and a cantor will help inspire the celebration of the Mass through their ministries.


***Rotation of Volunteers***

We still need more volunteers are less than 50yrs old so that each parson can take turns to help out with

various roles as we progress in resuming our parish community life gradually and safely. If you can, send

us email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The priest will go along the pews to distribute Communion to all so that we reduce movement during

our Sunday Mass.Communion will be given only in the hand.



The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available only after Sunday Mass or on request at a mutually

convenient time.



Thank you for your ongoing generous support. You are important person who helps us to keep our

parish alive.


Fr. Paul

On behalf of the St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish Team